PANS R2 Update over BLE

Hi there,

I’ve seen in various topics that the fw update from R1 to R2 can be done over the BLE connection, and have just learned that it is not possible through the automatic update feature over UWB from the initiator to the others. I have checked the docs but found no description of the proper BLE update process. Please, can you give a detail description of the hw setup and procedure to achieve this ?

I have both MDEK1001 and custom made circuits, and I need to update all of them. For MDEK1001 there is no worries since I can use the USB connection and the JFlashLite tool to update them. But, for the custom made circuits, how should I proceed? Can I use BLE on them as well?


Hi YoHidden,

You can use BLE yes. Download the android DRTLS manager and assign your devices to a network.

From the network main window, you can click on the 3 vertical points on the top right. There will be an option “Firmware Status”.

From there it is possible to flash all devices which have the old firmware.

Thank you,

Ok Yves, thanks for the quick answer.

I guess there’s no chance to have this DRTLS app different from Android (like iOS, PC, macOS, …), right?

Hi Yohidden,

Unfortunately, at the moment we only provide the android application.