PANS pinout change


I’m currently designing a system based on the DW1000 chip. I started testing with DWM1001-DEV and when verified the concept, decided to make a custom PCB with the chips used in the module and a couple of additional components.

The problem I faced was the pinout - I made a mistake and the connection between nRF52 and DW1000 is different compared to DWM1001-DEV. :anguished: Since the plan was to use PANS firmware it’s a problem because the firmware I tested with DWM1001-DEV does not work on this PCB.

That’s why a question: is there any possibility to change the pinout used by the PANS firmware? I know that it’s possible to assign the functionality to different pins in nRF52832, but I didn’t find where this can be done in the demo code as the library is closed. I manufactured 10 PCBs for the first test and it would be great if it would be possible to change the connection in the firmware instead of cutting lines on PCBs. :pray:


Not realistically. The only way to change this would be to recompile the code to use the new pin which isn’t possible since you don’t have the source code.

As a general rule it’s not a good idea to build a custom board to run firmware unless you have the source code and ability to rebuilt that firmware. It’s all too easy to run into issues like this or something silly like needing to add a short delay because your power supply comes up slower than theirs did.

This is especially true for radio transmitters. The big plus of the DWM1001 and PANS is that it has all the required certifications and approvals for a lot of markets. If you build their module into your system and run their firmware then your product doesn’t need to re-do the radio transmitter certification in order to be sold.
The moment you change the PCB in any way then that certification is invalidated and you’re looking at a whole lot of extra approvals testing.

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