PANS non-expected and repeated localization estimates

Hello all,

We are using DWM1001 in home environments. We have some questions regarding PANS localization estimates:

  • We experience many repeated consecutive localizations due to only 1 or 2 anchors ranging, while some other anchors are available in the same range of distances. Is it possible to control anchor selection for ranging or increase the maximum number of anchors in ranging beyond 4 anchors?
  • We find also many repeted localizations when ranging with 3/4 anchors. Which are the criteria for a repeated localization, even when measured ranges to anchors differ from one localization to the next? It happens either with moving or stopped tag.
  • Any bibliography about your trilateration algorithm?
  • How is the QF calculated exactly? could you provide the formula? We almost only identify the value 64 in the data (in hex code, which should be QF=100)
  • We have experienced very bad localizations when using aligned anchors for ranging, is that common?
  • Sometimes, especially when the tag is not moving, we get the 0,0 localization. Why could be that for?

Any comments are wellcome.