PAN ID or Destinatin/Source Address of 802.15.4 change in SS TWR example

Hi. I am studying DWM3000 and trying to add serveral repaonder to one initiator.
One of my trial is change Destination/Source address of 802.15.4 change to distinguish initiators.

But I can’t find when SS TWR example set the Destination/Source address of 802.15.4.
Does this example use 802.15.4 standard?
I am working this with STM32F429ZI board.

Thank you in advace.

I found that the example follow 802.15.4 frame format. But this sample code do not use the API under 802_15_4 folder.

You figured it out that the examples are directly hardcoding a single address so are not intended to be used “as is” for multiple responders, so you’d have to build the top protocol yourself.

In case this could be of any help, I needed the same thing as you so developed an open source framework for positioning that allows to request a ranging schema from a server running Python and deploy it across multiple initiators and responders dynamically.
I did not use the 802.15.4 addressing format, but that would be easy to adapt, I went for minimal frame size with 1 byte short ids to reduce uwb transactions timings.

here some details and examples

In case your project is open source or would like to contribute to one please let me know.