Operational modes configuration in DecaRanging setup: mode selection for DW1000-based tag

Hi all,

I am configuring my DW1000 based pcb board to integrate it as a tag in the two way-ranging DecaRanging setup using EVB1000 boards.

Currently, the DecaRanging software has been flashed in in all my EVB1000s, but I am unable to find which operational mode configuration they use. Table 3 of the EVK1000 User Manual lists a bunch of possible modes, but it reports that switches S1-5, S1-6 and S1-7 are used to select these modes, whereas the sticker on switch 1 on my EVB1000 (coming from a TREK1000 kit) tells me that those switches are used to set their tag/anchor ID. Since I successfully used the DecaRanging demo, I assume this info is correct.

So I’d like to know: I configured my EVB1000 switches to Channel 2, at 6.8Mbps. Which PRF, which preamble length and which preamble code do I use in my tag so I can use this tag in two way ranging with the EVB1000 boards?

Thank you so much for your replies!


You have loaded EVK1000 on a TREK1000 board, correct?
Once you do that the TREK EVB1000 becomes an EVK EVB1000. The S1 switches will have a different function and so the sticker on the TREK board is not valid anymore.
What the S1 switches do are described in then EVK1000 User manual [EVK1000_User_Manual.pdf|attachment]S1_TREK_EVK.pdf (206.6 KB) (upload://n7cvcWUX0lzIFM50eFh9IJVuTrG.pdf) (1.4 MB)

S1_TREK_EVK.pdf (206.6 KB)