node-red and DWM1001-DEV

Hi there,

to progress until there is an offical gateway with MQTT broker I wanted to use node-red on a RPI for prototyping.
By this one would be very flexibel in how to consume UWB information in terms of IoT.

I soldered a header to the DWM1001-DEV and placed it as a HAT on a RPI 2.
LEDs, are good. J-Link indicator is flashing red.

I disabled terminal emulation on tty and enabled it for serial useage in raspi-config.
See attached config of node-red’s serial node.

Unfortunetly I dont receive anything in nodered.

What am I doing wrong?



Have you tested your sequence via terminal? To wake up the UART comm on the module, you need to send ‘\r’ three times. Send once, wait for ‘@’ and send twice immediately afterwards.