New version API software package available

The DW1000 Application Programming Interface software package provides an abstracted view of the DW1000 register set to the software programmer. It includes a comprehensive set of examples, ported to STM32F10X MCU, demonstrating how to use the API to perform the most commonly required functions of the DW1000.

The new API contains 3 new examples: Using GPIOs, TX with pseudo CCA and RX with auto XTAL trim; and a number of minor API updates compared to package version 2.04. There are two flavours - using Coocox IDE or ST System Workbench IDE projects.

Please download the new API from our website

Nice! But download link is 404…

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Hi ,
The download should work now:


Thanks For New versions for DW1000 but we are waiting DW1001 new Release have you any date for update ?


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