New file upload formats enabled: *.cpp, *.h, *.py

I am pleased to announce we have enabled forum uploads for file types .cpp, .h, and .py. You can now share source code!

Edit: code blocks are also now supported. Other formats, like .qsch and .qsym, are in process.


Thank you, Jeff!!!

Looking forward to the other formats.


Robert, your code samples were one of the drivers for getting this done :slight_smile:

So I was the squeaky wheel? Not sure how I feel about that. :wink:


You should feel good about that!

I edited my original post too: code blocks are now supported:

While you’re chasing the file format gremlins, it would be nice if I could edit a post that contains images.

If I’m including images in a post, I’m almost certainly writing a longer-than-average post with a larger-than-average chance that I’ll want to fix some mistake or add some information. Doesn’t matter how many times I review before clicking “reply”…



@RDunn Yes, I totally agree no way to edit image post is a pain (“error 403”)! In answering someone but made a mistake in reply, I prefer can edit the answer instead creating one more post follow the typo one.

I also agree with Robert

I’m looking into it!