Network Topology and Multiple Gateways Gateway


The above topology indicates that Gateways G2 and G3 communicate with G1 via LAN/WAN.
WHat are components on the Gateways that are specifically involved?
Do I assume correctly that it is MQTT Broker on G1?
Are G2 and G3 have to run MQTT Clients or if they run MQTT Brokers as well the latter once will communicate the positioning data to MQTT Broker on G1?
So G1 MQTT Broker need to subscribe to G2 and G3 MQTT Topics?
Anyway, it would be great to read somewhere how all this interaction between Gateways works…

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see this related post:


I saw that post but it explains very little:

  1. The Daemons will forward their data to a DWM Proxy (there will be only one Proxy for the whole network) which will work as data filter for the uplink and router for the downlink data.
  2. The DWM Proxy will forward the filtered data to the MQTT Broker.

So based on that there will be only one Proxy, running specifically on G1?
…and this Proxy will receive data from Daemons on G2 and G3?
…and then this Proxy will forward the data to MQTT Broker running on G1? (how is it done internally)
What do Daemon use when they communicate with Proxy?
Does Proxy has internal MQTT client in order to communicate with MQTT Broker? or any other comm protocol?

Well, no follow up…This is a really key question for anyone who plans to build UWB networks…
How am I supposed to figure out the answer just based on the “data flow” ?
Is there any other source of information that can guide me how to build network? How many Gateways do I need? Is that per area in a floor plan or per certain distance between the tags and the gateways and between the gateways themselves?

Right now I have specific scenario - not necessarily that will happen in reality but something I need to understand…
Area 1: 5mx4m, 4 Anchors and 1 Tag, 1 gateway in the area.
Area 2: 4mx2m adjacent to Area 1, 3 Anchors, 1 Tag, 1 gateway in the area.

I developed an MQTT app that can connect to multiple MQTT Brokers on the gateways.
BTW, each gateway run python script and publishes to its broker tag position.
If I publish on the same topic I get only one set of results but if I publish using different topic on each gateway (like dwm/# and dwm/position) I get 2 sets of results for the same tag - those that published by Gateway in Area 1 and those that were published by Gateway in Area 2. Both gateways report both Tags since the distances to tags are still acceptable…

To be honest it is rather confusing - getting results on the same 2 tags from 2 different brokers. Maybe in this situation a single gateway is sufficient but I do see that a gateway that is further from a tag reports marginal quality of 51-55 on average (BTW there are walls between the areas - drywall)…

So what is the right thing to do? I am getting back here t my original question…