Need receive position data on nRF52 from DWM1001

Hi There,

I’m aware that dwm1001 Tag will send position data to mobile app over BLE connection. In the same way, is there a simple C example receive the position data over BLE to another BLE device?

I don’t want to use mobile to receive the position data, instead I want to receive on other nRF52832 device.

Is it possible?

However I looked into app source code but I want to make sure someone has did similar stuff or somebody working on it.

Any comments/documents/example code will help!


Hi thenral,

Yes it is possible, I would recommend you to refer to nordic semiconductor website and forum and look for their content about BLE.

Maybe take a look at :


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Thank you… I’m working hard

We used ESP32 to receive BLE data.
Remember you need an active BLE connection to receive the data.

But haven’t tried nRF52832, it is definitely possible.

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Hi jeba,
i’m trying to do the same but I’m a beginner. Can you suggest documentation or provide any support for that?
Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi Gianni

In my experience mbed-os has some really nice examples on GATT clients: and mbed-os is compatible with the nRF52 chips (at least nRF52832 and 840 to my knowledge).

The BLE abstraction layer is quite nice and easier to use than the Nordic SDK, though this comes at the cost of missing some more advanced functionality.