need Mdek1001 Listener mode solution

I am working with Mdek1001 kit.
I tested the kit with my DRLTs android application, it works perfect but i cant able to understand about the Listener mode technique.
how should i get the data in my PC, i connected the one device to my PC,i cant get a successive result. is that the factory firmware enough to do?? or need to fuse some other firmware into it?? how to use the minicom or teracom for ‘les’ and ‘lec’ command.
What are the steps need to get the data from the listener?
can i get the data from Mdek1001 alone or some other controller interfaces required??


Hi Hmdra,

You need to connect the listener (dwm1001) device to the PC using a USB cable.

Then with teraterm open a serial connection with the configuration 115200 - 8 - none - 1 on the virtual port associated to the dwm1001.

Once connected to the device, push “enter” twice within one second and you will enter the shell user mode.

You can then use the commands les or lec.

Thank you,