My custom board has a DWM3001c but not working API.when I click run , the software not come int main(), the software start with Hardfault_Handler

Hi I download dw3000 API and I can build that , ı changed nrf52840 with nrf52833 and pca10040.
But my code not running . It is starting with .thumb_func
.weak HardFault_Handler
b . in ses_startup_nrf52833.s.

Hi @Furkan ,

That should be more porting work to do other thant only changing the startup file.
I think you may need to look more into Nordic forum for answers as this is a porting issue.
For sure you need also to update RAM, Flash configuration and take a look at the pinout change…

thanks you, I have development this topic, but I opened new topic, please help.I also writo to nordic forum.