Mutiphase VR sim perf

Can anyone comment on how well QSPICE performs relative to other circuit simulators like SIMPLIS for power VR design?

I had experience in PSIM but it was years ago. If you are refer to simulate with ideal device equation for power electronic, my experience with Qspice is that it do an amazing job in that.
Recently, I convert a switching circuit which needs 30s to simulate in LTspice but less than 1s in Qspice. I have to .step 60 times, which reduce simulation time from 30mins to 30s.

LTspice is not that great in simulating switching circuit with more ideal approach, and I had to go back to PSIM sometime in past. So far, I think Qspice can handle this very well.

I am not sure if SIMPLIS is also in catogory that major in ideal simulation (as nowsday simulator is quite mix), but if you are talking about ideal switch and diode simulation, Qspice can handle that very well.

And Qspice also support C++, you can with your digital control equation and put into your simulation.
You have to spend some time to learn Qspice if you never use general spice program for ideal switching circuit simulation. But you have this community to back you up, and Mike Engelhardt is actively working on Qspice, bug can normally be fixed just in days.

Qspice also well integrate digital and analog, and completely free to use.

This is a multiphase buck simulation with Behavorial Switch and Diode, and Qspice finished its simulation in about 3.5s in my laptop.
I randomly pick a circuit from a thesis in internet, component value mainly follows that the thesis I pick, all information you need to re-create this simulation is in schematic comment.

Multiphase Buck Demo by KSKelvin.qsch (34.7 KB)