Multiranging between tags

I’m working on developing a decentralized EKF for cooperative drone localization. For this I was trying to use the DWM 1001 for getting ranging measurements for updates between different drones.

The main question I have and that I’m trying to solve is what would be the best way to configure the DMW 1001 to obtain multiple ranging only. I’m trying to make this work on an open environment and therefore I don’t need to get a position estimation, I just need the ranging between the multiple drones. I thought about putting one DWM 1001 on one drone acting as an anchor and put the rest of the DWM 1001 on the other drones as tags. But with this approach, I could only have access to ranging information between the anchor and the tags but not between tags. Also, could it be possible to reconfigure the devices while flying? This could fix this problem since all the drones could be anchors and only reconfigure one device while in range to be a tag and get this ranging information.

Any help or ideas are appreciated,

It depends on how much you want to dig into the firmware and whether this needs to have FCC (or equivalent) approvals.

Using the PANS system you are very limited but don’t have approvals issues to worry about. All you could do is have nodes dynamically re-configured to toggle between being tags and anchors.

If you go with custom firmware then there is no need for there to be any distinction between a tag and an anchor, anything could range to anything. But that’s more firmware work and would then require you to get any required approvals yourself which takes time and money.

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Thank you very much!