Multiple initiators and gateways

I have multiple rooms with thick doors between them. The setup is MDEK 1001. At the moment I have multiple anchors, one gateway and one initiator. When the doors are open tracking tags between the rooms seemes to be ok. When the doors are closed I can’t see the tags in rooms other than the one with the initiator and gateway.
Am I correct in thinking that i would need a gateway and initiator for every room?
Will multiple initiators cause a problem?

Below is the proposed idea.

Thank you,

Hi Tom,

you don’t need multiple Initiators in my opinion. The Anchors in other rooms can cluster with the connected Anchors in the room where the Initiator is placed if it can see at least one connected Anchor reliably. If this condition is fulfilled, you can have one Initiator and the rest would be Anchors.

The thing you need to do is to place Gateway in each of the room. Only node which can be seen by the Gateway would be visible via the server. So considering your installation above there would be 15 Anchors, 1 Initiator and 4 Gateways (at least, can be more if you need to create redundancy).

Multiple Initiators is useful when you need redundancy in case the current Initiator would stop running. But a good practice is to place them in range with other Initiator(s). Another reason of using multiple Initiators is when you have separate networks with different PANIDs.