Multiple Channel

Hello guys,

I’m currently working with several anchors and 2 tag. My tags both sends information to my anchors. Unfortunately, I got some interferences and I have tried to change the tag/anchors channel. It’s working better but I’m wondering if it’s possible to make my anchors listening on multiple channel.


  • Tag 1 communicate on channel 5 with two anchors
  • Tag 2 comunicate on channel 3 with two other anchors

Then I wish that all my anchors are able to ‘listen’ to channel 3 and 5.

Thank’s for helping!

Hello Thibs,

What type of hardware and software are you using ?

It is not possible for a DW1000 to receive on two channel at the same time. What you would need to do is to reconfigure the receiver to the right channel each time you are expecting a message from this channel.

Thank you,
Best regards

Hello Yves,

I’m using DW1000 and NRF52.

Thank’s for these informations. I think, it’s gonna be hard because, i’m sending frames with dwt_starttx each 10ms.

The idea is both of my tag send at the same time their ‘timestamps’ every 10ms, so I doubt that I have the time to configure the channel…