Multi Tag LPL System

Hi all,

I examined the examples 8a/8b for lpl. I made it work for 1 anchor and 1 tag. Sending only 10 frame is enough for anchor to wake the tag up from lpl. Now I am trying to add new tags to my system. But now anchor cannot wake the tags up with 10 frames, minimum 175. Because of this increase, the time required to measure a tag is increasing too much. If anyone has faced with this problem before, please let me know how you handle it. I’m working with DWM1001 Dev Kits. I can give you details if you ask.


Need to provide more information? It does not make sense that by adding another tag, you need more frame to wake up a device?

I realized that waking up from lpl is not so simple. Anchor device should send frames back to back to ensure that tag can catch one of the frame’s preamble and wake up. In low power listening examples 8a/8b, it is done with sending 1350 frames back to back. But it is a really long process. I have to decrease this time. My achieve is to obtain timestamp values of 50 tags in 1 second. So the frame count should be 15-20 max. I can wake only 1 tag and obtain its timestamp value with sending 10 frames back to back. But for multiple tag it is not working, minimum 100 frames are necessary to make it work, otherwise tags cannot wake up from low power listening

:slight_smile: why have you decided to use LPL? LPL has been developed for a particular use case, e.g. nodes are mostly in LPL and then very rarely they are woken up to RX a frame, and then they go back to LPL, use case of ESL (electronic shelf label).

What is it that you would like to do?