Mounting of the DWM1001-Dev Boards

I am getting ready to do an experiment where I mount the DWM1001-Dev board on a steel beam about 18 feet off of the ground. I will place (3) anchors with 20 m of each other
and have a tag configured on a moveable system with the tag mounted at 6 feet from the floor.

In comparison, I will run the same test with the DWM1001-Dev board mounted 12" below the beam via a rigid plastic support.

Any thoughts on this?

I am trying to understand how ceiling structures interfere with performance.

Mounting the DWM1001-DEV boards on steel ceiling joists made no difference in the performance. I ran one experiment where the anchor was attached to a metallic HVAC duct and
the test performed as expected.

Good result I assume?
Deployment will always present challenges and anchors deployed in a square box room in one building will not always yield the same results in another. Good luck!

Yes, we are pleased with the results. We are starting the process of learning about how to deploy anchors in various buildings. If we deploy too many, then we are losing some income due to installation costs. Too few, and we are forced to go back in and add anchors.