Hi guys;

I have recently started to work with MDEK1001 units. I have placed 3 anchors and one tag to estimate the position and its error. However, the system does not reliable cause the position estimation are randomly missed and I do not the reason.
Is anybody have the same experience ?

Thank for help :blush:

Hi Sara,

can you give more details about your system set up, test conditions, anchor positions etc.



Thanks for your reply. Yes, sure. I have 4 MDEK1001 RTLS units. I have tested the accuracy in the indoor office ( [size=large][font=Times]3.058 m x 3.114m) [/font][/size]where I placed 3 anchors [font=Times][size=large]at (0,0,2), (0,2.972,2), (3,2.972,2) coordinates. I have conducted several experiments to test the accuracy of the tag in different positions which gives around 10-13 cm accuracy. However, the ranging and consequently the position estimation missed and it becomes worse[/size][size=large] as I go further fro[/size][size=large]m the anchors. The refresh rate in 10 Hz which means it gives 10 position per second. I think that the issue might be[/size][size=large] the question of[/size][size=large] low power design[/size][size=large]. [/size][size=large]Is there any[/size][size=x-small] [/size][/font][size=large][font=Times][color=#000000][size=medium][font=wf_segoe-ui_normal,]equations for calculating effective range given a transmitting power ?[/font][/size][/color][/font][/size]


Hi Sara,

The trilateration algorithm used works the best when the tag is “inside” the box/volume defined by the anchor positions. If you print out the ranges/locations on the tag (“les” API command) you’ll see the tag-anchor ranges and reported location. If there is no location you should be able to see which tag-anchor ranges are missing. If you have 4 ranges and no location estimation, maybe some of the ranges are very wrong try and see which ones/ try and figure out why. If you are LOS, then the tag-anchor should be able to go up to 50m.

Hi zoran,

Thanks Zoran. I also have another question. I would like to apply Kalman filter on my modules. Could you please let me know how I can configure the procedure of position estimation using Matlab on my board?