Minimum distance obtained with MDEK1001 Development Kit


I am new to UWB sensors and started with the MDEK1001 Development Kit. When testing the minimum range that a tag can measure between an anchor and tag was around 31cm at 10Hz and one tag-one anchor configuration.

Is it the same for all or do ranges smaller than 30cm is detected for other configurations. I would like to know this before I test all possible combinations so that I can save my time.

Also, Does the minimum measurable range change for different configurations and sampling rate? If so, is it documented or mentioned in any of the Deccawave manuals.

Thanks in advance.

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Did you tried with others different devices to actually see if it is always 30 cm?.
I belive that is the “residual” value from antenna delay plus the bias correction that in smaller distances like you want < 10 cm it starts to appear something fix and never get’s to 0 as u you possible trying to do.
If you have your own firmware you could see this changes on the values of antenna delay, delays used on ranging process, and so on having direct affect on the ToF measurements. These antenna delay and bias correction you can not configure on the PANS2.0, so config’s like bitrate could not even make a difference. What you could do is a correction on that value and test it out on different distances.
Another point is that i dont know what is going on the pans2.0 firmware, and because it is intellectual property, i look at him like a black box that i dont know how data is actually worked on.
I looks kinda confusion but you will get it when you test it out some different distances.
Hope i could help.
PS: search for “source of errors” on decawave UWB and you will find an application note about that!