Mesh Network for DWM1001


I want to set up the mesh network for DWM1001 to expand the covered area of anchor ( for big buildings ). But I have no idea about the solution.Should I go for BLE Mesh or Wifi Mesh ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Hoang,

Currently, we have no UWB mesh ready, but if you want to set up a mesh network via UWB, it should not be a big problem, you can do it just like BLE mesh,which is via broadcasting flooding msg, one thing you should be noticed is that , UWB network basis is TDMA, so effeicently allocate the time slot for every node in the mesh network is the most chanllege problem.


Wasn’t “a complex TDMA
scheme paired with a full mesh network and self-healing” anounced to be released in PANS release 2 in the newsletter of November 2018 ?
If not released now, a new release date ?