Measure distance without anchors?

Hello, I have a MDEK1001 dev kit that I’m using for a proof of concept that triggers a GPIO when tags come within, say 10 feet of each other. Location doesn’t matter, just proximity.

Is it possible to communicate between tags without anchors or am I making the POC much harder that with 3 anchors?


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Hi Chadvavra

MDEK contains device running the PANS firmware.

Within PANS firmware, a tag will range with anchors only. So for each tag, you can read the range to the four closest anchors. Anchor are meant to be fixed.

A tag will never report the distance to another tag.

Hope it helps,

Would the Single Sided Ranging example effectively do what I’m considering, with just two modules or am I misunderstanding the purpose of that example?

Hi Chadvara,

The TWR single sided example are implementing ranging between two devices. There is no notion or anchor or tag, it will be up to you to create you application level system.

You can create a POC based on the TWR single sided example. But keep in mind unlike PANS, this example does not create a turn-key system.


excellent. thanks.

one other question. In the demo code for the TWR it states that the distances are output on the “LCD”. Was that developed as part of the original modules or does that mean “computer” LCD?

That’s probably ghost comments from the EVB/TREK demo.

Those examples were originally written for the EVB board which integrates an LCD. There is no such screen on the DWM1001. The distance is displayed on the uart when setting a serial connection.


Hi chadvavra, I’m looking to do something very similar to what you describe. Basically the ability to measure distance between two tags. Only proximity matters. Did you have success using the Single Sided Ranging example from Github?

Hello elm1227, hello chadvavra, I put myself in line too, I’m looking for a system with multiple tags estimating distance between each other, not positioning needed, no anchors. I’m finding out if it can be done.

Hello @FrancescoBonato, have you managed to do that?