I just got my MDEK1001 kit. Very nice kit.

However, I do find it out it is very hard to reconfig the DWM1001-DEV devices after they have been configured once. Is this by design? Or any other reasons for this?

Also, when you use the terminal program command frst: Factory reset, it did not set it back to original factory settings. Why? If this is the case, how do we reset it to factory default?

Thank you for the help!

Hello decaWave team, please help with a good solution for reconfiguration! I am sure many people will have this same problem when they need reconfiguration. Help us with a good work-around if possible. Thank you!

Same here. How can I take a node from one network to another?? do I have to flash it again??
With Kind regards.


have you looked at the documentation?

There are multiple ways to reconfigure it. No need to reflash anything.