MDEK1001 Time stamp

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[color=#222222][size=large][font=arial, sans-serif]I need to have the location of a tag with a timestamp assigned to; for example, I need something like this tuple: (timestamp, location, tag ID). I have read from the MDEK1001 system user manual that I can see the location log either from a Bluetooth connection or from COM port of a PC. The provided example log file in the documentation which is also attached here shows the location of the tag in (x,y,z) form with the tag ID. As I see, there is not any timestamp in the log file. Is there any way to achieve location of a tag with a timestamp? If not, can I have the location log file either from PC or Bluetooth connection in real-time? In this way, I can combine the timestamp of the PC’s internal clock and the location log file programmatically and achieve the desired tuple![/font][/size][/color]

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Hi Amsali,

The system is not design to report the timestamp in addition to the position. We are developing a new version of the software with which it will be possible to send data in addition to the location. If necessary, I guess you could store the timestamp in this data field.

Regarding your second question, if you connect your device by USB and setup a serial connection with TeraTerm for example (115200, 8 , none ,1 ), then you will be able to retrieve location data directly out of the tag.

Please refer to the firmware user guide and the api guide of the DWM1001.

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