[MDEK1001] Send custom UWB messages

Hello, I purchased a MDEK1001 kit for testing purpose one week ago.
I need to send custom UWB messages due to specific functionalities.
I read provided documentations but nothing explains how to do that.
Is is possible at this time ?
Is it scheduled to have this feature in a future release ?
Thank you in advance for your help.

not possible

2 weeks ago I was told in a different thread https://www.decawave.com/decaforum/showthread.php?tid=401 that a MDK project with low-level functionality is going to be released “within the next days” - whatever that means, until now I haven’t heard related news.

In this thread https://www.decawave.com/decaforum/showthread.php?tid=430 they are talking about April as the next release for the firmware.


The DWM1001 (MDEK) and associated firmware (currently Release1) is the ‘real’ product that Decawave launched.
The Release 2 version of firmware is due in April. Nothing has changed there.

The Keil MDK project code for DWM1001 is a background project and really not a priority for the Decawave team, Release 2 Firmware is the priority right now.
We do not want to give out a Keil MDK project that does not work well and hasn’t been thoroughly tested.

Thanks for your patience.

sorry, I should have been more clear. It is not possible to modify UWB messages which are sent as part of the PANS/DWM1001 FW, there are no APIs to let you to do this. However, as Ken says, if you want to reflash the DWM1001 with your own code, then you can do anything you like.

DWM1001 Keil MDK Project -TWR Example Code is here on this sticky thread - https://www.decawave.com/decaforum/showthread.php?tid=454&pid=1168#pid1168