MDEK1001 Scaling

For MDEK1001 kit, It is mentioned in the documentation that if the system has 30 anchors (or less) then there is no restriction on anchor positioning but if we want to expand further then we need to take care of scalability rules(No anchor is allowed to hear 2 anchors with the same seat number etc.).

I want to confirm that whether Gateway (Raspberry pi) is essential in expanding the system or I can position 100+ anchors without any gateway.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Rajat,

Gateway does not impact the anchors scaling.

You can scale the network and the number of anchors even without a single gateway. In that case, the tag only will be aware of their position. Without gateway it will not be possible to collect all tag position from a single point (webserver)

Hope it helps,

Got it. Thanks for the help.