MDEK1001 receiving encoded tag data from listener

Hi there! I started using the MDEK1001 kit recently, and I’ve connected a tag to my pc as a listener. Using the terminal I was able to receive the tag data correctly. I’ve created a program in Java using the JSerialComm ( library to read the incoming tag data, since I want to store it in to a database.
Using the java app I receive the data in bytes, and I have no idea how to decode it since I don’t recognize the encoding. This is what it looks like when I output to console:

Read 65 bytes.[B@443b7951
Read 65 bytes.[B@14514713
Read 45 bytes.[B@69663380
Read 1 bytes.[B@5b37e0d2
Read 2 bytes.[B@4459eb14
Read 2 bytes.[B@5a2e4553
Read 1 bytes.[B@28c97a5
Read 1 bytes.[B@6659c656
Read 7 bytes.[B@6d5380c2
Read 3 bytes.[B@45ff54e6
Read 1 bytes.[B@2328c243
Read 2 bytes.[B@bebdb06
Read 65 bytes.[B@7a4f0f29

Any idea?

Second question, is J-link also included on the DWM1001 module?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

I think the issue is somewhere in Java or your code. I would recommend however to switch to the Release 2 and using Gateway. You can then communicate with the MQTT Broker and the solution would be scalable.

See DWM1001 PANS Release 2

J-Link is included on the DWM1001-DEV which carrier the DWM1001. If you use the MDEK then yes, the USB connector is wired with the on-board J-Link.


Appreciate the info leapslabs. I didn’t notice release 2.
I will try and setup using a gateway. I see the deployment guide is very detailed and useful. Thanks!!

When using the MQTT Broker, how is the tag data received? I want to read the incoming data and store it in to my database directly. Which way would you suggest me to do this? :slight_smile:


there is wide range of MQTT client which you can choose from.

Please see this post: Downlink data from bridge to tag
It might give you some idea of how to communicate with the node via MQTT broker.