MDEK1001 ranging with more than 4 anchors

I am trying to log ranging measurements between 1 tag and 11 anchors. I realize that the PANS software only allows for TWR with 4 anchors at a time for positioning. Would it be possible to modify the github examples to set up a tag module to perform TWR with all 11 anchors and output the measurements?
Is there a way to perform ranging with a specific device address?
I am not concerned about the positioning information and it is okay if the measurements are not in the same superframe.


Hi Ethan,

Indeed PANS architecture only allow range to 4 anchors for a tag.

The example on GitHub are a very basic TWR implementation. There is no notion of anchors but only transmitter/receiver, or initiator/responder.

If you want a tag to range with 11 anchors, you most likely need a TDMA scheme. This scheme is necessary to make sure two devices will not communicate at the same time and create interference preventing the receiver to decode the message correctly.

The application you are describing can be implemented but it would require a good bit of software effort. You can see an example of TDMA scheme in the TREK source code which is open source.

Thank you,