MDEK1001 - PC software source code?

Ive seen a few times that were was plan to release some pc end software for this product but have not seen it n the downlaod links. For our small robotics team to evaluate a relatively short term PCB design time Id like access to see how hard it might be to implement in software and port it over to a esp32 based board that we already have.

Would be great to hear from one of the team and if you interested to have a look at our robot swarms to know what we would be using it for you could look @

Any links to PC software source code would be welcome.


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Hi Adam,

I’m not completely sure what you mean by PC software.

The firmware image running on the DWM1001 is provided as a binary. The source code is not released to customers. This software is called PANS.

This PANS is compatible with an Android application over BLE. The source code of this android application is release to customers.

In mid-Q2 we will release a suite of software running on raspberry pi allowing to add a gateway feature to the PANS type network. The components running on the gateway will be released to customer.

Does that help ?

Yes I understand enough of the back-end via the nord semi chip to get it talking over uart or spi to an esp32(I hope). Im looking for the front end to pc or the part in which sends the position values. Our little team can use some c, c++ but python in´s our primary application. We run a 100 robot swarm simulation on a PC to generate positions and so far have used camera tracking to position the robots. Im looking for a way to get something like udp packets of the positions running on a pc.

Further discussion?

Hi Adam,

We don’t really have such a frontend for PANS.

We’re going to release a web application mid Q2 that will run on a raspberry pi, That’s probably the closer to what you are looking for but not quite it.

Thank you,

Great news. I’m happy to hear that.
I have tried to achive 10 update per second from serial terminal for 10 units but it’s not succeed.

I guess the guys over at have a system similar to what I would want to develop. Surprisingly they based their initial code base from the arduino port

I have some older code written for code:blocks that I might try and get by with but its a shame that its still quite a challenge to implement…not saying anything bad of course.