MDEK1001 not showing positions of tag or listener

I have setup of 4 anchors, 2 tags and 1 listener.
Listener is connected through usb to my mac. in minicom I did

 “nis 0x1234” to set the PanId and associate the bridge node with the network (0x1234 is only an example, the actual value may differ)

this set it up as a listener where

dwm> si                                                                      
[011398.030 INF] sys: fw2 fw_ver=x01030001 cfg_ver=x00010700
[011398.030 INF] uwb0: panid=x09D9 addr=xDECAAF608B240189
[011398.040 INF] mode: bn (act,-)
[011398.040 INF] uwbmac: connected
[011398.040 INF] enc: off```

But on typing `les` or `lec` it gives nothing.
Also my anchors are positioned correctly as i could see tag positions in grid.

Any help is appreicated.

please dont post the same question into multiple topics.