MDEK1001 MQTT Protocol

Hey All,

I tried the Decawave RTLS system using the Android application and it’s working fine.
I read the documents and I understood that we can log the data using J-Link software pack as mentioned in Section 8 of System user manual.

But I am making a system in which I like to display the live location of tag on a web dashboard. I read that there is DRTLS Gateway MQTT Broker which I believe can help me but am not able to find the relevant documents for that.

I also believe that I will need to add a raspberry module on it as to enable remote connections, but can anyone help me in this thing? How to setup the whole system so that I don’t need Android Application and get the updated co-ordinates on the server.

Looking forward for a helpful response.


Hi driftking,

We are currently developing a software that will run on a raspberry pi 3 model B as a gateway, interface on a dwm1001-dev board and send data to a MQTT broker. You could also implement such a behavior yourself but it will take a bit on time so I would recommend that you keep an eye on the forum and take the firmware we’ve developed once it is released.

One comment about Jlink and its purpose : Jlink allows you to reflash the board with a custom firmware. You don’t need it to retrieve data on a computer.

In order to get data on a computer, you need to connect to the virtual comport associated with the board ans setup a serial connection with the following configuration : 115200 8N1.

Let me know how it goes,
Thank you,

Thanks Yves for the quick response.
What are the timeline we are looking at? If it’s around the corner I will definitely wait else I will like to work on it myself. Any relevant tutorials or documents will surely help a lot.

Am looking to make a minimal system ( am sure you guys must be working on a lot of features) and any docs will surely help.

One more question : I am not able to find any SDK’s or anything with which I can implement this RTLS into my own android application. For example I was thinking a situation in which I activate a device as tag with the help of BLE system.