MDEK1001: Log timestamps together with position

I need to add to the log all the timestamps that are used by the location engine to determine the position.

Therefore in the log, together with the position and the distance between each anchor, I would like to have all the timestamps of the messages exchanged with the anchors (possibly with antenna delay adjustements, i.e. the same that are used by the location engine).

How can I do it?

No available in the current FW release.

I also have a Trek1000, is there no way to do it (changing some parts of the source code for example)?

With TREK1000 you get the full source code… so you can do what you wish. In TREK the anchors work out the range and send the result to the tag. The anchors have the timestamps.

On the other hand with MDEK/DWM1001 you get a PANS library which does TWR RTLS and comes with pre-built APIs, these can be used for “customization” but are limited.