MDEK1001 KIT with Arduino

I have MDEK1001 kit
and I have some questions.

  1. How can I make configuration for RTLS units using PC?
    2.Is that possible to connect it with arduino and get Data in it instead of Raspberry PI 3?
    3.I added following setup
    1 initiator Anchors + 1 Tag. and with the command les I just get the estimated range between the Tag and Anchor, How can I get the estimated location of the Tag?

Hi Mahmoud,

  1. Use the Gateway functionality. See the docs.
  2. No, the Gateway function is more complex and it requires accurate timing. That is achieved using multiple components. This post contains a simple explanation of the data chain:
    10 000 m² area to cover with RTLS web manager also
  3. See the documentation. For location you need at least 3 Anchors. That’s the basic of geometry.