MDEK1001 Kit - track people in a room


I am studying MSc in Electrical Engineering at the University of Vale dos Sinos River (UNISINOS), Brazil.

My final masters work involves improvement in the production process of a semiconductor industry, inside a clean room. To do this, I need a system that inform the real-time position of people inside a room of approximately 50 m² with an accuracy of approximately 30 cm or less.

Does the system you offer have these characteristics? If each person uses a mobile module, is the system able to provide the x-y coordinates of each person in the room?

I have a doubt: The best configuration for my case I think that would be 5.4 - 4 anchors+7 tags+1 listener. Am I right?

How can I get access to the coordinates ? Only through the commands “lec” and “les” in the terminal? How can I load the data of coordinates of each tag in MATLAB ?

Awaiting return.