MDEK1001 - Issues After Firmware Upgrade

I just started working with MDEK1001 kit with already existing binary file that came with product - Firmware Version : 0x01010501.
I was successfully able to do the setup and observe the tag position w.r.t anchor on my android phone using DRTLS apk file.
I was also able to successfully able to get position using UART shell.

Later I upgraded the firmware of all anchors and tag to Firmware Version - 0x0103001

Surprisingly, after firmware upgradation, the response of the system is not as good as previous version. The location of tags are not being updated in the app now, it is taking too much time to upgrade the location and sometimes it is remaining at same position in the app, even if position of tag gets changed.

kindly look into the matter as soon as possible.
Kindly let me know hoe can I revert back to Firmware Version : 0x01010501.
Where can I find hex file for Firmware Version : 0x01010501.

Thanks & regards


The newer firmware is now also working fine.
I just increased the update rate of tags in stationary mode.