MDEK1001 - GPIO I2C for PANS position data


I was successful when connecting the MDEK1001 to my host machine via USB, namely, I was able to command the device in Shell Mode (Chapter 6 in DWM1001-API-Guide.pdf) through terminal multiplexer, such as Tera Term, by following user manual instructions (Chapter 7 in MDEK1001_System_User_Manual.pdf). After configuring initiator, anchors, and tags, I was able to get the location of the tag device, again when connected via USB to my host machine.

Now I am exploring other communication protocols the DWM1001-DEV has to offer. According to the Technical Data in DWM1001_Product_Brief (attached screenshot) it appears that I2C is also available.

  1. Is it possible to retrieve position data via I2C on the GPIO - pin 3 and 5?

  2. If 1. is possible, how do I retrieve the position data? Is Shell Mode only available in UART protocol and not I2C?

I have been reading the documentation and searching around the forum but it appears that there are limited information regarding I2C communication between host machine and MDEK1001 or DWM1001-DEV. Jieng asked a similar question, though I am trying to leverage the existing PANS firmware (similar to Shell Mode commands) and not customizing my own but there isn’t any response under the ticket. @seppe also mentioned in another ticket to look into the NRF52 TWI slave example but I am not sure if the examples are relevant to what I am trying to achieve here.

Thanks in advance for all the help and comments.


only UART, SPI are supported as options for serial communication, UART-binary mode/shell mode, SPI-binary mode. I2C is not supported. There is a possibility to use i2c from host application, see firmware API guide, there are low level i2c read,write functions, so the user has to handle the i2c communication by himself.