MDEK1001 firmware source


I’m starting to dig into the DWM1001 module for a custom application.

The built-in demo in the MDEK1001 evaluation kit looks pretty good to me as a starter.

But when coding is concerned, I haven’t been able to find the source code of the binary that runs on the Nordic chip.

Having the android app source is helpful, but having the similar sources from the NRF firmware would help a lot in getting starting from an already decent example/application

Is it available (may be I missed it in the various packages I have downloaded)?

Thanks & keep-up the good work.

We do not provide the source code for PANS, it is provided in library only.
Customers can write code on top of the PANS library and use some of the API’s. Read the docs!

Ok, but is it possible to extend your library in order to send and receive strings as messages?

Hi Ken,

I’m not looking at the PANS library source.

I very well understood one can do a custom firmware, and I had a glance to the samples in the on-board package and on Github, but I was looking as the “dwm-simple” like application that is used for the MDEK1001 binary.

I assume it isn’t just the host_api code examples as well.