Mdek1001 firmware issue

I have mdek1001 kit before updating the firmware kit working fine on FW2 After I update the firmware boards stop showing on RTLS app?

Hello Asheesh

Could you clarify what procedure you used to update the firmware?

Have you tried re-adding the devices to the network?

Hi, I updated the firmware through DRTLS Android App.

Hello Asheesh,

from my experience, don’t update the firmware trough DRTLS Android Apps, somehow, for my case its not working.

you have to update the firmware again by using JTAG/USB.

Febby Madrin.

Hi, Thankyou for the tip I updated the firmware with JTAG now mdek working fine.
Next I have to add the Raspberry pi (gateway) to the mdek. I checked the tx rx pin on pi header but there is no signal. Does anyone has the solution for this kind of issue