MDEK1001 (DWM1001) How to autoposition for more than 4 Anchor

How to auto position the anchors if my network has more than 4 Anchors.
I am able to auto position only through the Android app which has Bluetooth range ~ 10meters.
So only 4-5 anchors are visible in 20 meters range

Hi Jeba,

Yes the auto-positioning is limited by the Bluetooth range. This feature cannot really be used for large networks, and I would recommend to calculate coordinates of anchors and configure them through the spi/uart or ble api.

Hope it helps,

Thanks for the update Bernard.
Yes, we are manually calculating it today, just wanted to check if there are any alternative.

Our manual calculation is not matching with the UWB calculation, so some times our Tag returns NaN coordinates.

How every we reduced this error by calculating distance between anchor using a UWB device (instead of physical measuring tape)