MDEK1001 Development Kit

Hi everyone !

I’m using the MDEK1001 Development Kit and I need a little bit of help on it.

In my case, I’m positionning every anchors at an altitude of 2m (with 15m between each anchor) but my tag will be moving, in a plan, at 15m.
I know that DWM1001 module uses TWR technoogy which allows 3D location but I’m wondering if the triangulation will be correctly done or if I will have errors due to the too big difference of altitude between the tag and the anchors.

Has anyone an idea ?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Jean,

Have a look at the thread below, it should give you some answers/insight:


Hi Yves !
I really appreciate your quick answer and I’ve read the thread really carefully !

If I understand well, I need to vary the height of the anchors in my room to get a good Z axis accuracy.

But in my case I do not really care about Z axis location. I just need X and Y location.

I’m wondering if the height difference between the tag and the anchors (about 12m - 13m height difference between them) will influence the X and Y location of the tag.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Hi Jean,

Yes the best practice would be to increase the spacing between anchors along Z axis to improve the Z accuracy.

Regarding the anchors height, it should not have a strong impact on X/Y accuracy even if the tag are at a much lower height. But note that a 13m difference means that you already have a fairly long range between anchors and tag only due to height. That means that you may need to reduce distance between anchors along x/y to make sure the tag to anchors range does not go above 25-30m in line of sight.

Hope it helps,

OK thanks a lot for your helpful answers Yves.

Have a good day.