MDEK1001 configuration for wide area

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Please see the attached, which includes technical questions and site information for MEDK1001.
I would like to install 25 Anchors, 6 Tages and one Listener for one path to the building (20m x 90 m) and 1F and 2F of the building.
I would like to collect real time location data from the listener which is located at 2F.

Your comments and advice must be very helpful for me to develop the system.

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Hello Sam,

here are a couple of links to other threads that i found useful in the case of wide area network:

this suggests that the listener has to be in range with all tags and anchors that it needs to get the data from, therefor you might need more than 1 listener.

and this suggests that you can only connect 16 anchors to each listener.

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The reason your other PCs cannot receive signal is that they are not in range of the tag. Use centerlized location for saving tags position, perhaps a server. Since Listner is nothing but something that requests Tags for their location they must be within distance of the tag.
Interface a device using SPI with the board and upload that data to server using wifi


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:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Thank you so much for your information and I now get to know much better about MDEK.