MDEK1001: Best way forward to get RT loc data into PC app

I successfully setup a locating scenario with 4 anchors and a couple of roving tags using the Android app. Easy. But my end goal is having at least 3 tags report real time data into a PC application. My first look at this using the JLink & terminal seems limited: I could not get all of the tags info, and it’s largely one way. It seems the Gateway method using Rpi and ultimately getting the data via MQTT is more powerful. Could someone speak to this, and also give an estimate for someone of average programming skills how long this will take: a few hours, a few days, or man weeks of effort?

Hi @jack07
that’s purely depend on your needs. If you use PANS and bridge then create an app with printing TN position on screen would take a skilled person few hours (via MQTT, pretty easy when you know what you are doing). But create an app with some “user magic”, drawing TN positions on map could take some weeks/months.