MDEK1001 battery

hi every one
i want to buy a battery for MDEK1001 tag

Should I only buy the 3.7V RCR123a or 16340 rechargeable battery or can I buy another battery with the same characteristics?

Hi @nrahnama
you can buy any else rechargeable single cell Li-pol battery - there is also two pins for it, see the picture below (Battery connections). The DWM1001-DEV PCB contains li-pol battery charger!


Thank you very much. But it seems that it is written in the new data sheet of DWM 1001 that they have removed the battery charger from the board!!!
And they no longer produce DWM 1001 and its name is DWM 1001C!!!
it’s true?

Hi @nrahnama
I have no idea if they have removed the charger or not. It is possible due to component shortage.

Regarding the DWM1001) The DWM1001(C) is a plain module and the the dev board. The DWM1001 was produced only for a short period couple years ago and it was replaced with DWM1001C which contains a RF calibration in its OTP for PANS firmware. Practically they are the same .


thanks alot
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