Mdek1001 battery life

For MDEK1001 which battery is recommended for long life? In manual they recommended RCR123a. It was very poor. Got down within one day

You do realise the “RCR123a” is just a form factor? Technically, you could use any battery, just be aware that the MDEK1001 enclosure is built to fit such a form factor. You just need to make sure that the recommended voltage is provided by your battery (Might be 3 or 3,6 Volts but I’m not sure on this one.). You can vary in the capacity of the battery (given as mAh). The RCR123a batteries typically have a capacity of around 800mAh. So everything above should be better.
Technically, 1600mAh would give you double the time you can use the tag, as long as the voltage is exactly the same.


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