MDEK1001 App Guide

Hello everyone, I’ve acquired a MDEK1001 and used the Quick Start Guide Video ( ) to create a successful tracking network of anchors and tags.
I was wondering if there is any guide about the available options and functionalities of the Android App.
My main problem right now is that the power consumption of the tags is too high.
I’ve found in the app source code this function: void setLowPowerModeEnable(Boolean enable);
That I think makes reference to this text in one of the guides:
A Low Power mode – following the TWR exchange the DW1000 will be put into DEEPSLEEP and will be woken up prior to the next TWR exchange. The MCU will also be put into sleep with other components of the module except the RTC and accelerometer (if accelerometer is enabled). The module is in the lowest power consumption mode.

According to the Battery Life Estimator pdf this is the mode that is used for those calculations, which makes sense as my results are far from the ones of the estimator.
The thing is that I couldn’t find in the working app the way to enable this Low Power Mode to the tags, and would also love to know all the possibilities of said app.

Is there any manual specific of the MDEK app?
Thanks in advance for your time!

Best regards,

Hi Leonardo,

you can switch to Low Power mode by disabling the Responsive mode in the DRTLS Android Manager. See also this post: DWM1001 consumption at update rate