MDEK1000 CIR signal features

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Is anybody tried to use MDEK 1000 kits to get the UWB signal features such as: channel impulse response, receive signal energy, kurtosis, mean excess delay and so on. Maybe somebody did some similar work? Thanks for any help and reply.

Hey there,
I have a MDEK kit and i did obtain CIR and RSL fallowing both the User manual and the firmware api guide, makign my own firmware. There two functions for that, one that devolves a pointer having the information about the registers from the power and other the real and imaginary parts number of the CIR representation stored after a good UWB communication. For the RSL you need to fallow the user manual to computed values. For the CIR, depending the frequency you are using, you have to read 1016 values (64MHz) using the function dwt_readaccdata().
I think is this what you want.

Hope i could help.

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That can give me some idea and thanks for your suggestion. Let me have a look first. Thanks