MDEK position log timestamps?


I was working on parsing the position log data from an experiment with the MDEK1001 kit. I noticed the logging differs greatly from that of the TREK kit. Is there documentation explaining the breakdown of the position log? I notice tagID: positionXYZ: distance to each anchor, but I can’t seem to find any time stamps for the position updates. Am I missing these?

Jake Uribe

Hi Jake,

Are you referring to the data returned by built-in shell commands such as lec, lep or les ?

You can find a detailed list of the built-in commands in the DMW1001 firmware API guide, at the section 5. You’ll find this document in the following archive , under the documents section:



No the data I pulled is not from Serial to the PC. It is from the BLE updates to the android application on a Nexus 7 tablet from the tags. I have attached a sample of the log file if that helps.

Thanks for your help!