MDEK 1001 - Raspberry Pi and les command

Hi all,

my study colleague and I are working on a solution with 3 configured tags, and 3 ankers.
All MDEK1001 are configured in the same network.

With a windows PC running TeraTerm and the J-Link installer we are able to send the ‘les’ and ‘nmt’ commands to the Tags.
But on RPi we can’t send those commands. :-/ Our workaround is to send ‘les’ via TeraTerm, then keep the power supply alive, and then we are able to read via ttyACM0 - ttyACM1 out the serial port.

We are sure that there is an easier solution to read out the tag data via USB on Raspberry Pi.

We are using pySerial library and python 2.7.

Kind regards, and thanks for the help already,