Maximum update rate modification


I’m working with the MDEK1001 kit and have been trying to modify (through the different available APIs) the “update rate” and have noticed that the maximum value is 600 (equivalent to 60 seconds). I would like to know if it is possible to modify this value so that “update rates” of about 10 minutes are reachable. Should I have to compile my own firmware modifying this value? Is it possible that way?

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The PANS FW has a limit, the 60s limit is a system limit, the anchors only contain the 60s of future superframe ranging slots, thus the tags can only reserve up to 60s in the future. This cannot be increased.

If you need > 60s period, then you need to develop user app to put the tag into sleep for a greater period of time an then wake it up, the tag will then have to rejoin the network check if there is a ranging slot free and range to the anchors.

Hi Zoran!

First of all, thanks for the information.

From your explaination I Then, I wil have to work on developing our user app to perform the “longer sleep period of time” behavior you mention. As I have recently started searching for the “User App” development, could you please give any clue or recommendation about how to set these “sleep”, “wake up” and " re-join" processes programatically? So far, I’ve been reading and following the examples describe in “DWM1001 Firmware User Guide”. Any other code examples where I could find any of this?

Thanks in advance.