Maximizing Unique Communication to Tags/sec - MDEK1001

What would be the best network configuration for maximizing unique communications to tags/second with the DWM1001’s?

If I asked, “How should we structure our network to achieve a 10Hz command rate out to the max number of tags?” -what would be the answer?

Are there any more complex topologies to maximize the communication? Things such as multicasting, using subnets, splitting each message into multiple commands, etc.

The datasheet lists system capacity/cluster metric of 150Hz- does this mean only 150 packets can be sent every second?


I only know from my previous experience and reading of the API documents. My understanding is that the scheduling of tag updates is done in a super frame of 15 tag slots. Each super frame lasts 100ms. So, the cap of 150Hz means that for 15 tags you can update at 10Hz. One tag of fifteen operating in each slot in the super frame and 10 super frames happening each second = 10Hz.

Try reading the DWM1001 System Overview And Performance document. Specifically, section 4 and 7.3.

I have no insight on your other questions. Although a Decawave developer may be better help.
Also, take my understanding lightly as I have only been working with MDEK1001 since its release in late December. Best of luck on your project!

Thanks, Jake! Those sections we’re very useful.